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Friday, May 13, 2011

Baking in Crystal ??? Don't Believe it!

Anne Bassett Consultant Princess House Canada

I received this message from a customer that attended one of my parties, and I was so thrilled that I am posting it for you to read also, She Says: 
I was lucky enough to go to a Princess House Party with some friends and heard the unlikely comment that you can bake in this crystal casserole, WELL,  did I believe that?  NO Way!
But I did think that the bowl was lovely and with my interest already piqued I bought the bowl and when it arrived I told my husband to stay out of the kitchen cause I am going to make your favorite scalloped potatoes in this delicate bowl.   If you hear a great crash and screaming, call the fire department.
Anyway to make a long story short I did it and it was wonderful, the potatoes were golden on top and delicious.
The best part of all was the washing up was so dead easy, I filled it with hot water squirted in some dish soap (green of course) and let it sit while I ate and then washed it out, no scrubbing at all.     
I am totally sold on this crystal.  It is just wonderful, you should just order some on line or call Anne at 604-937-5869 and book yourself a party with her. You will probably get some wonderful pieces for FREE.    I will forever be her friend for introducing me to this exceptional line of products.
Anne Bassett

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