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I love what my Princess House business does for me and what I can do for others. Our irresistible Hostess Plan and family-friendly products have made it easy for me to build my business and create strong customer loyalty. I have discovered an extraordinary opportunity with life-changing potential - and I would love to share it with you.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Baking in Crystal ??? Don't Believe it!

Anne Bassett Consultant Princess House Canada

I received this message from a customer that attended one of my parties, and I was so thrilled that I am posting it for you to read also, She Says: 
I was lucky enough to go to a Princess House Party with some friends and heard the unlikely comment that you can bake in this crystal casserole, WELL,  did I believe that?  NO Way!
But I did think that the bowl was lovely and with my interest already piqued I bought the bowl and when it arrived I told my husband to stay out of the kitchen cause I am going to make your favorite scalloped potatoes in this delicate bowl.   If you hear a great crash and screaming, call the fire department.
Anyway to make a long story short I did it and it was wonderful, the potatoes were golden on top and delicious.
The best part of all was the washing up was so dead easy, I filled it with hot water squirted in some dish soap (green of course) and let it sit while I ate and then washed it out, no scrubbing at all.     
I am totally sold on this crystal.  It is just wonderful, you should just order some on line or call Anne at 604-937-5869 and book yourself a party with her. You will probably get some wonderful pieces for FREE.    I will forever be her friend for introducing me to this exceptional line of products.
Anne Bassett

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring is finally here at last

Welcome everyone to the world of spring with sunshine and flowers poking their colourful heads out of the earth and beautiful cherry blossoms starting to line our city streets. I bet all you gardeners can hardly wait to
get out into your gardens and design a new canvas full of bright and beautiful colours of all your most favourite flowers and shrubs for all your family and friends to sit and enjoy then they come to your spring tea
party in your garden.
I don't know about you but I just love to sit out in the garden in the morning while enjoying my cup of tea in one of my Pavillion mugs and just peer closely to see which new bulb has just poked its little head through the
damp earth and then I wonder and try to guess just what colour is now going to be added to my garden.
I just love spring don't you. I really like the days that are getting longer and the fact that all the trees are getting greener and little lambs can be seen romping and racing in the meadows. It is such an energizing season for sure!!
Don't forget April Showers bring May flowers so please get ready to enjoy a simply Marvellous and Happy
Spring everyone
Til next time

Anne Bassett Consultant Princess House Canada

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My First Blog and I hope you like it !

Hello everyone here I am at last, blogging and loving it.  I hope to see more of you in the future and share some of our lovely items with you and maybe some good recipes as well as tips for using our lovely dishes, pans and glassware.

Anne Bassett 
Princess House Consultant

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Best Cup of Coffee Ever !

I am so excited about my new blog that I am going to go and have a cup of the best Coffee ever while I dream !!!!
My favourite coffee is Columbian Coffee served in a beautiful crystal coffee mug from the Princess House line of crystal mugs. 
This particular mug is not only crystal but has a beautiful etched floral design and the footed portion of the mug acts as a coaster which is wonderful because I can slop just about anything.
Now  here I sit in my gorgeous purple silk blouse enjoying my delicious coffee as I gaze out at the winter wonderland, Life is good...

Anne Bassett Consultant